New Skatepark Designs

Danau Toba, Sumatra

This park is in the middle of a volcanic lake. The boulders are pre-existing, but the island is artificial.


Triassic Park

Another manifestation of trilateral symmetry. This park will be built on an artificial planet orbiting quite close to an ancient red dwarf star.The planet is tidally locked, one side always faces the star. The skatepark site is in the zone of perpetual dawn. Giant skulls guard the zone of lethal daylight.


I really like sharp-edged hips. This cradle setup has 6, created by intersecting 3 meter radius tranny with round bumps. The landings are easy. One can air these hips way down low on the tranny and still get a little kick off the sharp edge. It’s good for learning new tricks. Then as you get stuff dialed you can blast off the higher edges at full speed. When everything in a skatepark is rounded off, I find it monotonous. It’s definitely easier to pour the mud with everything round, you never have to skillfully finesse a sharp noping edge. But are we really here to take the easy way out? I prefer to showcase our skills in the mud by adding plenty of sharpness.

Red Clover Bowl

This is a conceptual design rendering for a pump-track area. Its plan-view area is 7,936 sq ft, about 800 sq meters. Concrete volume is approximately 200 cubic yards if poured at an average thickness of 6 inches or 150 mm. The features in this area range from 2 to 8 feet in height.