Balinese Skatepark Design

In Bali people have been digging huge holes to get the white limestone, it’s an excellent road base. Consequently there are many huge divots dug into hillsides. This design utilizes one such divot. Many of the architectural features of this skatepark are things I see daily while riding my Honda Scoopy around Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, where I live. The entrance plaza is truly multi-purpose, featuring a stage for performances and plenty of flat for the audiences. Plenty of stairs provide access to the upper deck, which offers stellar views of the skate action. The stairs can be skated or also used for street workouts by fitness enthusiasts. The semi-separate mini-ramp is an awesome spot for people to work on skills in a concentrated session. The troll bowl at the back of the park uses extensions running up the side of the wall to create massive speed lines for blasting over the hips. The icons and sharp pillars evoke the headquarters of a secretive totalitarian cult. Lastly, a central flow course links this design to the cutting edge of skatepark design.


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