August 2018


A high capacity public space designed to serve the entire community. Ample space for beginning riders to safely learn to roll. Shaded benches provide comfortable viewing  areas outside the lanes of traffic.  Two bowled areas separated by central stepped seating allows for two simultaneous tranny sessions. Street features lining the periphery utilize the elevation drop from deck to sidewalk.


The bowl at our World Headquarters

We will soon break ground on this bowl/chin-mini combo at Geth Noble Skateparks world headquarters in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Although it’s more accurate to say that we will soon break concrete, since this bowl will be inside our warehouse. Click on the photos to see them enlarged! 2.8 meters deep in the deep end, 2 in the shallow, 1 meter deep chin mini.

Blaster Bowl


Because the shallow and deep-end pockets are egg-shaped, this bowl has mega speed lines that lead directly to blastable hips and transfers. You never have to interrupt your flow to find the hip line, it’s all included in the fastest carve lines. One landing pocket is banked for easy landings. One can potentially air every hip consecutively. The central pump bump blends into the peninsula hips, forming saddles. Sickos can ollie off the peninsulas and land on the face of the pump bump.

Balinese Skatepark Design

In Bali people have been digging huge holes to get the white limestone, it’s an excellent road base. Consequently there are many huge divots dug into hillsides. This design utilizes one such divot. Many of the architectural features of this skatepark are things I see daily while riding my Honda Scoopy around Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, where I live. The entrance plaza is truly multi-purpose, featuring a stage for performances and plenty of flat for the audiences. Plenty of stairs provide access to the upper deck, which offers stellar views of the skate action. The stairs can be skated or also used for street workouts by fitness enthusiasts. The semi-separate mini-ramp is an awesome spot for people to work on skills in a concentrated session. The troll bowl at the back of the park uses extensions running up the side of the wall to create massive speed lines for blasting over the hips. The icons and sharp pillars evoke the headquarters of a secretive totalitarian cult. Lastly, a central flow course links this design to the cutting edge of skatepark design.

Waldport Mirror Image

Race around the deck, pump the two square bowls, grind the lip of the over vert, transfer the spine via 360 air back to the deck. This park is small, but many people can skate it simultaneously just by circling in the same direction. Plenty of launchers to blast off, many easy landings too. Or you can just chill under the palm tree and tell stories of back in the day.